The Better Mind - Better Body System

It's time to become the happiest, healthiest woman you can be!

Are you a woman who:

- wants to look and feel great?

- struggled to lose weight or keep it off?

- wants a holistic approach to weight loss that leads to lasting results?

Then look no further! The Better Mind - Better Body System is exactly what you were looking for!

The Better Mind - Better Body System is a 12-week program that consists of 3 components: Workouts, Nutrition, and Mindset

The combination of these three areas will help you

lose those extra pounds (and keep them off),

change your habits to live a happier and healthier life,

and feel a lot more confident

Nutritional Guidelines

As a bonus I added an eBook with sample recipes to give you healthy meal ideas and spark your creativity so you can go ahead and create your own delicious, healthy dishes.

I truly believe the road to success when it comes to nutrition lies in an understanding of the fundamentals of a healthy diet. Rather than providing meal plans that you blindly follow, this 14-page eBook will teach you the principals of a healthy diet and therefore enable you to make the right choices when it comes to your nutrition. 

Recipe eBook




The system includes 7 progressing workouts.

1. Week 1-3 Workout

2. Week 4-6 Workout

3. Week 7-9 Upper Body Workout

4. Week 7-9 Lower Body Workout

5. Week 7-9 Abs Workout

6. Week 10-12 Upper Body Workout

7. Week 10-12 Lower Body Workout

The workouts were designed to challenge you over the course of this 12-week program as you become healthier, fitter, and stronger.

Workout Calendar

Mindset Exercises

The workout calendar shows you exactly when to perform which workout and helps you organize your daily schedule.

Check mark the workouts as you complete them to track your progress and keep you motivated.

The biggest road block to success is usually our own mind. We tend to dwell on past negative experiences, tell ourselves we are not good enough, and don’t believe in our own abilities.

The Better Mind - Better Body System includes mindset exercises that will help you stay on track, change your thought patterns, and help you achieve your goals.


What's Included?

You have access to the full exercise library with videos of all exercises. Watch the videos to ensure you perform each exercise with proper form.

How do I get started?

Getting started is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1. Click the "Buy Now" button below.

2. Download your Workouts, Nutritional Guidelines, and Mindset Exercises (all files are in pdf format for easy access)

3. Read the Welcome Letter and get started!

Change your life NOW

Get your Better Mind - Better Body System now!!

7 progressing Workouts

Workout Calendar

Nutritional Guidelines

Mindset Exercises

Access to exercise library

BONUS: Better Mind - Better Body Recipe Book

Only $89

Please note this program does not include any kind of coaching or personal support. If you wish a customized workout plan, please check out my 12-week Online Coaching program here.

About Jen

Jennifer Fidder, M.A.

Personal Fitness Trainer and Mindset Coach

Jen has a degree in Social Psychology and several fitness certifications including personal trainer, cardio trainer, trainer for weight management, and food coach. 

She's been a personal fitness trainer for over a decade and loves helping her clients to transform their bodies and their minds. 

She is known for her big heart but also for her honesty. She will hold you accountable, provide a shoulder to lean on when you struggle and will kick your butt when you need it. ;) 


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